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ZEUSLAB® and ZEUSLAB®Sd are condensation impression silicones for use in the dental laboratory, providing a high level of reproduction of details. Being soft, free-flowing and non-sticky during mixing, they become extremely hard and heat-resistant after polymerisation. There are two products, both undeformable, and completely inert in relation to acrylic resins: ZEUSLAB®, which is hard and slightly flexible, and ZEUSLAB®Sd, extra-hard.


Color: Grey
  • Mixing :
    1: 5
    Mixing time :
    45 "
    Processing time :
    Curing time :
    5 '
    Removal time :
    10 '

    Hardness (24h):

    85 Shore A (Zeuslab)

    95 Shore A (Zeuslab SD)

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