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ZEUS STONE® is Zeus’s much copied “yellow stone” which has excellent modeling characteristic. It is a highly precise, natural gypsum dental stone with excellent thixotropic properties that is characterized by an extra-fine particle size and low expansion. ZEUS STONE® can satisfy the most demanding dental technician in terms of workability and model quality, which gives extremely hard, compact and smooth surfaces. Among its properties there is the excellent flow characteristics under vibration, which provides accurate reproduction of all the details from the impression. Compatible with all impression materials. FIELDS OF USE: The making of models for removable full and partial dentures, antagonist models, framework models.

Zeus Stone

  • Mixing :
    100 g: 26-28 ml
    Mixing time :
    30 "vacuum / 60" manual
    Processing time :
    6 '
    Final time :
    10 '
    Removal time :
    45 min
    Setting expansion :
    <0.11% (2 h)
    Compressive strength :
    > 35 MPa (1 h)

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