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SUPEROCK® is an extra-hard die stone with an innovative formulation. The result is a thixotropic product with a low expansion and extreme fluidity with light vibration, which combines the high flow with good filling characteristics. Compression resistance has been greatly improved while the risk of chipping during trimming has been reduced. Compatible with all impression materials. FIELDS OF USE: The making of dies for bridges and crowns, antagonist models.


  • Mixing :
    100 g: 20-21 ml
    Mixing time :
    30 "vacuum / 60" manual
    Processing time :
    7 '
    Final time :
    12 '
    Removal time :
    45 min
    Setting expansion :
    <0.06% (2 h)
    Compressive strength :
    > 48 MPa (1 h)

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