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IMPLANTROCK® is an extra hard stone. It is particularly developed to produce high definition models for implants with analogues. According to your needs, you can use it in thixotropic texture as well as in fluid texture, without any important change in technical features. When it’s used in fluid consistency, it is suitable for the correct position of the implant analogues. Its extreme low setting expansion (≤ 0,03% after 2 hours) together with its great running, allows to cast without vibrations and this is important to avoid any incidental movements. One of the main features is that it keeps the same physical characteristics even with a changed mixing ratio; if you use it at 21%, it gets such a thixotropic texture to make it suitable to cast models for dies, antagonists, and study models. Compatible with every impression materials. FIELDS OF USE: production of models for the construction and design of implant frameworks, production of models with implant analogues.


Color: Sand
  • Mixing :
    100 g: 21 ml (thixo) 27 ml (fluid)
    Mixing time :
    30 "vacuum / 60" manual
    Processing time :
    8 '(thixo) / 10' (fluid)
    Final time :
    11 '(thixo) / 14' (fluid)
    Removal time :
    45 '(thixo) / 180' (fluid)
    Setting expansion (2h) :
    <0.06% (thixo) / 0.03% (fluid)
    Compressive strength (1h) :
    > 43 MPa (thixo) / 28 MPa (fluid)

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