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CROMCOVEST® is a graphite-free phosphate bonded investment for frameworks. It is suitable for use with both silicone and agar agar duplicating materials. Medium-grain, it produces models with outstanding surface strength and edge stability, allowing precise castings and effective polishing. Expansion is controlled by means of the UNISOL® liquid, diluted with distilled water. FIELDS OF USE: production of all types of framework.


  • Mixing :
    100 g: 13-15 ml
    Mixing time :
    30 "vacuum
    Processing time :
    4 '
    Final time :
    7 '
    Ready for preheating in :
    45 min

    Max temperature:

    1050 ° C
    Max total expansion (Unisol 100%) :
    Compressive strength (2 h) :
    > 27 MPa

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