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BASEFLUID® is designed to produce bases in the split-cast technique. It is extremely fluid and very running (self-levelling property) in order to avoid the use of vibration when casting. Its fluid texture, from the mixing with spatula till the complete casting, allows to obtain bases with no air bubble and with highly resistant edges. Furthermore its setting expansion is very low and this feature allows an excellent dimension stability and avoids the production of tension strengths when you put base and model together. FIELDS OF USE: The making of bases for the die technique.


  • Mixing :
    100 g: 25-26 ml
    Mixing time :
    60 "vacuum-packed
    Processing time :
    7 '
    Final time :
    10 '
    Removal time :
    30 min
    Setting expansion:
    <0.06% (2 h)
    Compressive strength :
    > 48 MPa (1 h)

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