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ARES DIE® PL is an extra-hard die stone additive made with special synthetic resins that provides higher abrasion and compression resistance along with excellent flow and expansion characteristics and a quick setting time. Its highly compact and homogeneous crystalline structure avoids the risk of the fine margins chipping when trimmed. To be mixed only under vacuum. Compatible with silicone, polyether and hydrocolloid impressions. FIELDS OF USE: The making of dies for bridges and crowns, antagonist models.

Ares Die

  • Mixing :
    100 g: 19-20 ml
    Mixing time :
    60 "manual
    Processing time :
    10 '
    Final time :
    15 '
    Removal time :
    45 min
    Setting expansion :
    <0.07% (2 h)
    Compressive strength :
    > 52 MPa (1 h)

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